Terminalia 2021


What is Terminalia?

Terminalia is the ancient Roman festival honouring Terminus, god of boundaries. In times past, he was represented by a simple stone marker. There are no myths or statues of Terminus, showing his great and possibly primal age – when we find gods like this, they tend to represent immutable natural law. They are not anything but themselves and what they represent. On occasion he was twinned with Jupiter, as Jupiter Terminalis, but as with Sulis Minerva at Bath, this appears to have happened when a new god is synthesised with a much older one.

As far as we can tell, allowing for calendar drift and some scholarly interpretation, Terminus was honoured annually on February 23 – markers were libated with wine and honey, sacrifices were made and the stones were often garlanded with flowers.

Since 2011 the global psychogeographical walking event Terminalia Festival has operated as a…

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